Geo-Elite Service represents the highest standards in the foundation repair industry.

Our Exclusive Premium Service

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair offers a level of service others do not. Geo-Elite Service is personalized service, delivered one-on-one by Customer Care Professionals. Your Customer Care Professional will explain every step of the foundation repair process to you to ensure every detail is crystal clear.

After your foundation repairs are completed, your Customer Care Professional will re-contact you to follow up, get your reactions to your foundation repair experience and schedule a post-repair foundation inspection to ensure that your foundation repairs are performing as expected.

All Geo-Elite Service work carries a fully transferable lifetime warranty. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Three Reasons Why Geo-Tech is Better!


Irrevocable Warranty

All Geo-Tech foundation repairs carry a fully transferable lifetime warranty backed by an irrevocable Trust that assures Geo-Tech warranties will be honored. Use of this Warranty Assurance Trust Fund of Texas is legally restricted to no other purpose than honoring Geo-Tech warranties, even if Geo-Tech should be purchased, closed or merged with another company. An irrevocable trust, as defined, is a trust that can’t be modified or terminated without the permission of the beneficiary. The grantor, having transferred assets into the trust, effectively removes all of his or her rights of ownership to the assets and the trust. Geo-Tech is focused on customer satisfaction and trust, thus reassuring our customers that their home will always be protected and the guarantee is transferable if the home or business is sold for any reason.


geo-tech-geo-elite-warranty90 Day Post-Repair Inspection

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair is the only foundation repair company that performs a critical inspection 90 days after repairs have been completed. Why 90 days? 90 days allows time for settling to take place, which makes sure the foundation is in its fixed location. The inspection consists of a comprehensive visual inspection and precise elevation study. Our technician will compare these to the original tests and standards to make sure nothing has been missed or overlooked. The inspection assures both we and our customers that the repairs have been properly made and meet the standards set forth by the Foundation Repair Association and City Ordinances. Additionally, the technician will review the original repair plan and verify work completion. This is a triple check procedure that only Geo-Tech Foundation Repair performs to insure the highest quality of workmanship and satisfaction. Our goal is to meet and exceed these standards on every job we do. Our 90 day post-repair inspection is another guarantee your work will be done right the first time.


geo-tech-geo-elite-warrantyProfessional Accreditation

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair is a proud member of the Foundation Repair Association. The Foundation Repair Association is the foundation repair industry’s premier professional association and only oversight authority. Specifically, the association is a professional national organization that exists to promote high ethical standards in the practice of foundation repair and to promote cooperation between the foundation repair industry and government. Geo-Tech is proud to be in the top 1% of approximately 2,200 accredited foundation repair companies.

What does this accreditation mean to you? The certification is a “benchmark of credibility within the industry” that the professionals performing your work is highly qualified and trained to repair foundations using quality specific work knowledge and has the experience to do so. Therefore, you will have the comfort of knowing your foundation will be repaired right the first time.