Sound Solutions for Unsound Foundations

Slab Foundation Repair

There are numerous causes of foundation failure and foundation problem signs can appear no matter what type of slab foundation you have. For this reason, unlike other companies, Geo-Tech does not use a single repair method. We use multiple methods to allow our expert evaluators to employ the method best suited for your particular situation and soil type.

Slab on Grade foundations are comprised of an exterior grade beam typically 12-24 inches thick. Depending on the size of the house, at least 1 interior grade beam will run through the center of the house. These beams are also 12-24 inches thick. Concrete flooring is supported by the aforementioned beams and is usually 4 inches thick.

Most foundations built after 1960 are reinforced with rebar or post-tension cables. Early slabs built just after World War II were reinforced with wire mesh or nothing at all. Today, approximately 90% of homes are built with foundations that use post tension cables.

Piering Systems

Concrete Pressed Piling
Steel Pressed Pilings
Helical Piers
Drilled Piers