Dry Foundations, Beautiful Surroundings

geotech-foundation-channel-drain-02Geo-Tech provides a wide range of drainage options to ensure that our solutions are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. No matter what drainage problems your residential or commercial property may have, you can trust Geo-Tech to provide the option best suited to your needs.

Most Common Drainage Solutions:

Surface Drains

Also known as area drains, surface drains are used to re-direct surface water from your property through a drain installed at ground level, leading to an outlet that directs water to a ditch or storm-water sewer.

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French Drains

French drains consist of a gravel-covered trench housing a perforated pipe that collets sub-surface water and re-directs it away from a particular area.

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Downspout Tie-ins

Downspout tie-ins connect your downspouts to an underground PVC pipe that channels water away from your house and foundation.

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Swales re-shape the surface contours of your property to direct unwanted water away from your home or building.

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Channel Drains

Also known as trench drains (or strip drains,) channel drains are characterized by their long length and narrow width. This type of drain is ideal for driveways and other areas where maximum flow volume is anticipated.

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