Geo-Tech Foundation’s Maintenance Program

The focus of this program is to establish and maintain a healthy balance between your foundation and its surrounding environment. This holistic approach focuses on developing and implementing a preventative maintenance plan that, when followed by the homeowner, will reduce the chance of future foundation failure.

Geo-Tech’s Foundation Maintenance Program will bring to the home owner’s attention all the conditions that may potentially have a negative impact on the integrity of your foundation.Local geology, irrigation, drainage, geographicalorientation of the home, seasonal weather patterns, foliage, and erosion are potential enemies all when it comes to a healthy foundation.

The information that is provided will give you the information and tools necessary to help maintain the integrity of the foundation for years to come.

General Information

Homes in North Texas are particularly prone to foundation problems primarily due to highly expansive clay soils common to the region. Soils with high clay content respond to moisture like a sponge, they expand with moisture gains, and contract with moisture loss.
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Local Geology

The geology of North Texas is quite diverse as evidenced by the diagram below. Each swath of color represents a different geologic formation. The geologic formation that underlies your home will dictate the soil type your house rests on as well as local drainage patterns.
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The biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy foundation is to sustain a consistent moisture level around your home. With very few exceptions, the lack of sufficient watering is the most common problem for homeowners.
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When it comes to moisture around your foundation, you are striving for consistent, moderate moisture; not saturation. Too much moisture is just as bad for your foundation as not enough. Next to a controlled watering program, nothing is more important to a stable foundation than proper drainage.
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Orientation of the Home

The orientation of the home is a relevant factor when implementing your maintenance program. The geographical direction your home faces directly impacts the rate at which your home loses or maintains moisture levels in the soil.
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Seasonal Weather Patterns

Seasonal weather patterns have a dramatic impact on the health of your foundation. Spring and autumn, on average, have more rainfall than summer and winter (see rain chart below). Also keep in mind that in the summer the warm air can hold more moisture (humidity) and therefore less moisture on the ground.
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Flowerbeds, landscaping and vegetation, such as trees and shrubs need to be evaluated to assure adequate distribution of moisture around the foundation of your home. Trees and other large plants can significantly contribute to unequal settlement of a foundation.
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Erosion, as it is related to foundation maintenance, is the displacement of soil by agents such as wind and rain. These agents will move the displaced soil down-slope in response to gravity. Erosion around the home’s foundation is usually caused by water and to a lesser extent wind.
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