Plano Home Show Recap

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From the Plano Home Show

Just last weekend we were at the Plano New Home & Remodeling Show. There were a lot of friendly people and interesting characters. We got a wide range of questions so I thought I’d take the time to recap some of the questions and answer them today. I will do my best to remember how they were asked.

Q: Every once in a while I hear a “pop” or a “knock” when I’m in the living room. Do you think that is a sign of foundation problems?

A: If you aren’t seeing cracks in the wall, experiencing sticky doors, or slopping floors, you probably don’t have to worry. The sounds you are hearing could just be an older house settling. Until other signs begin to show, you needn’t worry about foundation repair.

Q: I have water entering my house and the wood seems to be cracking on the floor. I can’t tell if it is from the rain or sprinkler system. I think I have foundation problems.

A: It sounds like you could have a leak somewhere. I would have a plumbing (leak) test done to find out the source of the water damage. The wooden floor damage is probably from the water entering into the house. Find the source and cause of the water and you might find your answer. If drainage is an issue, it is important to address it soon. It doesn’t sound like a foundation problem, but leaks and water build up certainly can cause it down the road.

Q: We just moved here. How different is the soil here?

A: Very! We have good ‘ole Houston Black here. You will find this volatile clay to be very response to water. When it rains it swells and during drought it contracts. This swelling and contracting is what shifts and moves your foundation and causes you to need foundation repairs. We can add piers under a house to lift and stabilize your foundation.

Q: Will adding piers stop the movement of our foundation forever? Or is this just a temporary fix?

A: Adding piers under your home will help stabilize the foundation and minimize the movement. It is impossible to prevent movement altogether (due to the soil), but instead of your home moving multiple inches or a foot, it now only moves an inch or two.

Those were some of the questions and concerns we got this weekend that I wanted to share. We got our fair share of off-the-wall questions, but we answered them! That’s what we do! We are always glad to help and answer any and all questions.