When It’s Time to Call
Geo-Tech Foundation Repair

GeoTech Foundation Repair - Problem Signs

1. Cracks in brick  

Brick cracks are more than a cosmetic problem; they could be an indication that your foundation needs repair — before your cracked bricks grow into a larger problem

2. Cracks in drywall  

Drywall cracks are one of the most common signs that you have foundation problems. Cracks will usually appear around doorframes, in the ceiling, in corners and along the wall.

3. Doors

Sticky and/or uneven doors can be a sign that your home’s foundation requires repair. Doors can stick, swing open after being pushed shut, or have gaps around the top and bottom.

4. Windows

If the frame of your home shifts with a settling foundation, the windows may become difficult to open, stick, or develop separations around the framing.

5. Fascia board separation  

Since your roofline is directly affected by the settling of your foundation, frieze boards may separate in the corners and fascia boards will pull away.

6. Cracks in foundation

Your concrete slab is made to bend and flex to a certain extent. If your foundation moves and flexes too much, the slab will crack

7. Cracks in tile

If your foundation shifts, brittle, inelastic material such as tile flooring will chip and crack.

8. Chimney issues

Your chimney is the heaviest portion of your home and concentrates a lot of weight in a small space. If your foundation or the soil that it sits on is unstable, your chimney may start to lean or bricks crack.

9. Sloping/Uneven floors

When your home is built, the support structure is designed to hold whatever is on top of it. Over time, unstable soil, poor support design or waterproofing issues can damage your home’s foundation and cause uneven floors.